CFD Simulation Services

The use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has become an increasingly important aspect of the design cycle for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, aviation, automotive, biomedical devices, consumer packaged goods, electronics, and turbo-machinery. 

CFD utilizes discretized forms of fluid governing equations alongside state-of-the-art computational mesh generation techniques to solve problems on geometries of varying complexity. It can be used for parametric studies or flow-physics investigations that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive to conduct physically, or not feasible to generate in a closed form solution. With the advent of modern computing power and cloud computing services, CFD has become a cost-effective predictive design tool for engineering. 

Kinetic Vision’s CFD simulation services offer the ability to carry out analyses of many fluid flow regimes, including: incompressible and compressible flows, laminar and turbulent flows, multiphase flows, chemically reacting flows, and complex flows in large scale applications. This provides reliable predictive modeling to support evaluating flow and/or aerodynamic performance, detailed investigations of system-level behavior, as well as to carry out multidisciplinary design iterations with other Kinetic Vision teams, such as Design + Product Development.

Effective CFD engineering requires specialized skill sets, robust solvers, advanced pre and post-processing tools, and a state-of-the-art computing infrastructure. Kinetic Vision’s simulation services team has over 30 years of FEA and CFD experience. Our CFD software packages include LS DYNA (ICFD), SU2, and Ansys Fluent. The powerful capabilities of these software packages provides a full spectrum solution to meet our customer’s needs. We also develop agile custom solutions using a combination of built-in application options and specialized automation created by our Software + Solutions group.

Fluid simulations are inherently complex, and conveying important findings and product functionality to internal groups or potential customers is often difficult. Kinetic Vision's Technical Visualization team creates engaging, technically accurate imagery for print, web, and interactive media that empowers marketing teams with compelling visual stories to help communicate and sell.

Learn how Kinetic Vision’s CFD simulation services can help you better understand and optimize your product or process, saving you critical development time and resources. 

Learn more about computational fluid dynamics at Wikipedia. Industry information is available at the National Agency For Finite Element Methods and Standards.

Mixer CFD

Understanding the flow inside an industrial mixer is crucial to machine performance, but this flow can be difficult to analyze in the real world. CFD simulation gives designers the information they need and the means to iterate rapidly towards a great design. Simulation tools exist to help optimize the flow, and many of these simulations can be executed in real time.

CFD Simulation Services - CFD Mixer Plots
CFD Mixer Physical Sample

Venting and Vacuum

Industrial production equipment commonly requires air flow management to achieve peak performance. Vents and vacuums ensure proper air flow. Kinetic Vision has the experience to help analyze vacuum and venting problems, and to help optimize for improved performance. Our CFD simulation services can help fill the gaps left by time consuming and difficult physical testing.

In this example LS-Dyna ICFD was used to simulate the flow of air inside a vacuum drum. The goal of the project was to improve the air pressure in the vent at the bottom of the vacuum drum. Based on the simulation results, the design of the vent was altered and reanalyzed over multiple iterations. After achieving the desired vacuum profile the updated design was shared with the customer and was successfully implemented.

CFD Simulation Services - Venting and Vacuum

Nozzle Analysis

Spray nozzles have several engineering applications from something as simple as home air fresheners to more complex applications like the fuel injectors in a high-performance engine. The design and development of a spray nozzle can be time consuming and expensive to tune. CFD simulation can help guide design changes to achieve the desired nozzle spray pattern and lower both development cost and development time. 

In this example LS-Dyna ICFD was used to simulate the spray nozzle of a common household cleaner. Initial designs showed inconsistent performance. Kinetic Vision used CFD models to improve spray volume and uniformity.

CFD Simulation Services - Nozzle Velocity Plot
CFD Simulation - Nozzle 3D Animation

Convective Heat Transfer

Oven performance is vital to several manufacturing methods. Ensuring assemblies are at the right temperature at the right time can make or break product performance. CFD simulations can help ensure temperatures and flow velocities are optimized.

In this example Ansys was used to determine the velocity and temperature distribution in an industrial oven. The project required Kinetic Vision to optimize the inlet temperatures and flow rates to achieve the desired temperature profile along the conveyor belt.

CFD Simulation Services - Oven Streamline Animation
Oven Physical Sample

Compressible Flows

Problems involving complex flow physics which need a detailed knowledge of compressible gas dynamics are one of the CFD simulation services team’s core competencies. In cases like the one shown below a detailed mesh is generated using software like ICEMCFD or Fluent’s internal mesher and the case is run using our team’s detailed knowledge of applied numerical methods to maintain the accuracy, stability, and validity of the solution in a meaningful timeframe for your project

Compressible Flows
CFD Simulation Services - ICEMCFD Mesh