As a leading product design firm Kinetic Vision provides innovation services to a broad base of national and international customers. We can rapidly take your idea from concept to finished product through our Rapid Innovation to RealitySM process, which combines traditional design methodologies with the latest software and additive manufacturing tools. With a strong team of experienced designers, engineers and model-makers, ideas become concepts, concepts become prototypes, and prototypes become engineered, manufacturing-ready product designs, faster than ever before. But the role of our industrial design services is more than creating a physical embodiment of an idea, it is to foster the creation of a brand, performing market research to drive process, and building the brand and subsequent marketing platform.


Innovation drives products and companies forward and we excel at giving you momentum. By leveraging seasoned innovation experts with our industrial design staff, we are able to maximize your product's potential. Our goal is not to simply put ideas on paper, but to put a tangible prototype in your hands. Innovation is about making a positive and proactive change that impacts your business and Kinetic Vision is here to empower you through that process.

In this project Kinetic Vision developed a unique, patented, stackable and locking cat house that can be placed inside or outside (based on research the 65% of cat owners have more than one cat). Additionally, custom toys, grooming accessories, thermal inserts, and bedding were designed to attach and become part of the structure to keep the area tidy. We acquired broad patent coverage (learn more about our Patent Illustration and IP Development services). We provided industrial design services, Mechanical Design, Advanced CAD Services, Prototype Development and component sourcing.

Industrial Design Services - Innovation


Invention can be a seemingly insurmountable process. Kinetic Vision understands the challenges that inventors face because of our long history supporting and working with entrepreneurs and start-ups. We listen, and embrace the importance of your unique requirements to create an effective program to reach your goals. Our value can be found in our Industrial Design experts, former inventors on staff, and referrals and testimonials from past inventor clients that have benefited from our expertise and mentoring.

In this project our industrial design team developed a patented landscaping tool that refreshes mulch with 80% less effort than traditional methods. This was accomplished by utilizing mechanical advantage with respect to the tines on the head, proper material selection, and optimizing manufacturing processes. The result was a tool that could be easily assembled by the consumer and shipped virtually flat. Kinetic Vision provided industrial design services, Mechanical Design, Prototype Development and product sourcing.

Industrial Design Services - Invention