Industrial Design

As a leading product design firm Kinetic Vision has provided innovative industrial design services to national and international customers for over 30 years. We can rapidly take your idea from concept to finished product through our Rapid Innovation to RealitySM process, which combines traditional design methodologies with the latest software and additive manufacturing tools. With a strong team of experienced designers, engineers and model-makers, ideas become concepts, concepts become prototypes, and prototypes become engineered, manufacturing-ready product designs, faster than ever before.


We have extensive product design expertise in the biomedical design field, including robotics, handheld medical devices and non-handheld instrumentation. To develop final solutions we use extensive human factors testing and process simulation. Through our integrated design methods, we can minimize development time and increase the validity of final end-user ergonomic solutions.

A major medical device manufacturer requested a complete redesign of an existing contrast injector focusing on a new injection technology and interface. Contrast is a liquid used to increase the fidelity of diagnostic imaging results from Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance (MR) scans. A main requirement was a change from the existing single head design to a dual injector system, and this required a new form language for the entire injector line of products. Ergonomics for the user and the patient had to be considered throughout. The unit also had to accommodate multiple “collar” options for holding and affixing the contrast syringe, necessitating that the collars be easily removable. Kinetic Vision's Product Design Services Group delivered a manufacturing-ready design that met all the project goals of styling, functionality and cost, while meeting the project's delivery and budget requirements.

Product Design Services - Medical


Our product design experience in the industrial sector is comprehensive, ranging from consumer to commercial. Depending on your needs, we can custom tailor designs ranging from a single unit to a complete line, all the while finding opportunities to learn and improve the user experience.

Campbell Hausfeld, a leading manufacturer of compressed air tools, wanted to refresh their nail gun lineup to make them more ergonomic and have greater visual appeal. In addition, they requested a redesign of the jam release and air venting systems to improve their function. Utilizing concept sketches and clay models, the nailer designs (brad, finish and framing) moved quickly through client approval to manufacturing-ready parametric CAD models. Because Kinetic Vision's product design services include expertise in both Industrial and Mechanical design, all project objectives were met and delivered to the customer on time and on budget. Today you can purchase this lineup of popular nail guns at major retailers like Home Depot.

Product Design Services - Industrial


Because consumer needs and wants are continually evolving, an expert level of understanding and knowledge is required to drive innovation and design. Our product design services include expertise in everything from simple packaging to complex electromechanical devices. While the subject of consumer products is broad, the guiding principle is always the same: surpass the consumer's expectations. Our consumer-based innovation and trend-focused design stem from that simple idea.

A major manufacturer of infant products requested conceptual designs for a more ergonomic infant feeding bottle with enhanced styling. Our product design services included ergonomic studies, Industrial and Mechanical design, and prototype models. Project deliverables included design sketches, product renderings, 3D CAD databases and scale models for multiple concepts.

Product Design Services - Consumer

Sporting Goods

Consumers love their sports and are passionate about their equipment and its design. Players and fans alike expect excellent product design that is both aesthetically appealing and communicates their passion and love for the sport, all while fulfilling their functional expectations. We deliver this by studying the user, leveraging expert innovators, providing sound engineering, and combining the latest trends to optimize your product's potential.

In the project shown a sporting goods manufacturer wanted to develop a unique device to improve the power of every hitter, regardless of their skill level. As a leading product design firm, Kinetic Vision was uniquely qualified to provided the Mechanical and Industrial Design Services needed to meet their needs. A major design requirement was sports-based styling with low manufactured cost for smaller production quantities. Incorporating those criteria, we created a roto-molded design complete with product renderings and manufacturing-ready 3D CAD database, giving them the needed pieces to introduce their product to the market.

Product Design Services - Sporting Goods

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