Application-Based AR

Augmented Reality Applications

Experience augmented reality on your own mobile device or tablet by downloading the Kinetic Vision AR Experience app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. It's free, has no ads, and does not require registration. Simply run the app and point the device camera at the target shown here, or download and print the targets.

The video below shows how the vehicles and a manufacturing system appear when running the app. A realistic experience is obtained from accurate target tracking and photorealistic real-time rendering.

AR Business Cards

Introducing AR Business Cards. The traditional business card hasn't changed much for hundreds of years, until now. Make your company, product or service stand out from the rest by powering them with three-dimensional objects, animations, video or combinations of all three. Instead of being tossed aside, your card will be alive with information, website links, and engaging experiences all targeted to do one thing: help you close the deal.

This video demonstrates how augmented reality can make your business card come alive with photorealistic three-dimensional representations of your product. One app can contain multiple targets and corresponding AR business card experiences. In the video below a race car and a passenger vehicle are shown as examples of static 3D augmented reality experiences. Below that is an example of an animated experience as it demonstrates a manufacturing process utilizing a pick-and-place robot to unpack bottles and place them on an processing line.

Interested in how your AR business card might work? Try it out for free with the Kinetic Vision AR Experience app. Learn more about augmented reality at Wikipedia.