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Our Story

Kinetic Vision, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been developing cutting edge products and technology for an international customer base since 1988. We are a full-service firm bringing design, engineering and development talent together to deliver progressive and imaginative product and process technology solutions. Our areas of expertise include concept ideation and industrial design, prototype development, product design and engineering, modeling and simulation, custom software and app development, industrial scanning services, IoT development, augmented and virtual reality, and product-centric visual communication.

  • Over 130 multidisciplinary professionals in design, engineering, prototyping, software/app development, AR/VR/real-time simulation, digital design, medical illustration, mechatronics, robotics, IoT and industrial 3D scanning
  • Over 500 customers, including international leaders in healthcare, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, aerospace, automotive, industrial systems and many other markets
  • Over 30,000 successfully completed projects
  • Voted an Enquirer Media Top Workplace five years in a row

We are creative and curious, and are driven to help our partners and clients use new technology in better ways. These core values are integrated deep within our culture and our valued employees are the reason for our success. We believe in delivering exceptional service while providing quality, timeliness and value for every project.

Our Planet

Kinetic Vision is also committed to environmental sustainability. We have operated our own recycling program since 2010, and in 2011 we were awarded the Go Green Challenge Award by Hamilton County Recycling and Waste District for our outstanding recycling program and environmentally friendly building. Our company cars, a Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius, are some of the most environmentally friendly vehicles on the planet, and in 2015 we completed a full-facility solar panel installation which provides about a third of our annual electricity needs.

Our Connections


AweSim provides manufacturers with competitive solutions for simulation-driven design. We help to automate the prototyping process and provide affordable, accessible, and scalable M&S on HPC via:

  • Online modeling and simulation apps and tools
  • Educational materials and training courses
  • Industry-specific expertise and consultants

AweSim is a program of the Ohio Supercomputer Center, who along with M&S industry experts are pioneering the field of M&S-as-a-service. Kinetic Vision supports this worthy program as an AweSim Expert.

GE Additive and Cincinnati State

Kinetic Vision is leading the Technical Advisory Committee for a new high-tech job creation and training partnership between GE Additive and Cincinnati State. Regional aerospace accelerator AeroHUB has co-developed this program to promote additive and advanced manufacturing technology and training in the region. Widely known as 3D Printing, additive manufacturing not only includes polymers, but also metals and other materials. With technical assistance from GE and leadership from Kinetic Vision, Cincinnati State’s Workforce Development Center will use a nearly $400,000 grant from the federally-funded LIFT Institute to develop a training program for additive technicians that will fill a skills gap in the 3D printing industry.

Our Community


Starfire is a visionary organization working to build better lives for people with disabilities. The data is clear; people with disabilities grow increasingly lonely and isolated as adults. Working with one person and their family at a time, Starfire connects people to relationships and uncovers a person's talents and passions - so they can thrive in their communities alongside their neighbors. Kinetic Vision is proud of its history of partnership with this exceptional organization.


AeroHUB is an advanced manufacturing and aerospace accelerator located in southwest Ohio - the birthplace of flight. It strategically co-locates highly skilled designers, engineers, manufacturers, researchers and educators and equips them with integrated design thinking and advanced digital manufacturing systems, making first-run production and full industrialization innovations more efficient and affordable. Kinetic Vision is honored to be part of this exciting regional initiative.

University of Cincinnati Mechanical and Materials Engineering External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board (EAB) supports continuous improvement of MME undergraduate curriculum ensuring sensitivity to industry needs and ABET accreditation requirements. They serve as an “extended staff” resource for MME encouraging faculty and staff to solicit EAB support for their needs. The EAB supports recruitment of diverse set of brightest and best high school students to MME programs. They provide a connect point for industry with MME faculty and students. As a member of the EAB, Kinetic Vision is proud to support this worthwhile initiative to advance the future of STEM education with exciting technologies like Virtual Reality and Additive Manufacturing.

Lakota East High School Internship Program

School districts across the country are working to prepare all their students for the future. This means giving students the skills they need to be college, career, and innovation-ready. In the STEM fields, solid preparation means giving students deeper, richer, and more relevant learning experiences through internships that complement rigorous coursework.

Kinetic Vision has partnered with Lakota East to provide internship opportunities as part of their STEAM2 program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Design, Mathematics and Medical). STEAM2 establishes two foundational pathways: Engineering and Biomedical. At the high school level, each pathway consists of four rigorous courses culminating with a local internship. Kinetic Vision is excited to provide internship opportunities to these exceptional students and be part of this important educational initiative.