Innovation drives products and companies forward and we excel at giving you momentum. By leveraging seasoned innovation experts with our industrial design and engineering staff, we are able to maximize your product's potential. Our goal is not to simply put ideas on paper, but to bring them to life. Innovation is about making a positive and proactive change that impacts your business and drives consumers to “I have to have it”.

Strategic Innovation

Consumer Research

Journey Mapping

Industrial Design

Every market is different and unique, just like our clients. Through the process of industrial design and development, we purposefully adapt our process to harness insight from consumers, the strengths of our client, and our own innovation, technology and expertise. The combination is a strategic consumer driven one-of-a-kind process that becomes unique to each client. Our goal is not just great design… We believe great design is found by meeting the consumer face to face on their terms, not where we “think” they should be. And the proof is in their choice, not design awards. Whatever your need, full development or someone to support a portion of an internal project, we are here to work as an extension of your team to extend your relationship with your consumers and increase ROI.

Product Ideation

Product Rendering

Ergonomic Testing

What’s next?

Kinetic Vision has the capabilities to help you at any stage of the product development process – from branding to engineering, testing, and commercialization. Check out a few of the next steps below to see how we can accelerate development through our expertise using the latest technology.