Kinetic Vision is located in AeroHub in Cincinnati, Ohio. Building on Ohio’s manufacturing history, AeroHub is a planned, sprawling mixed-use advanced manufacturing and innovation district designed for emerging industries and innovative technologies. Learn more about AeroHub in this video.  We’re honored to be part of this exciting regional initiative.

GE Additive and Cincinnati State

Kinetic Vision is leading the Technical Advisory Committee for a new high-tech job creation and training partnership between GE Additive and Cincinnati State. Regional aerospace accelerator AEROHUB has co-developed this program to promote additive and advanced manufacturing technology and training in the region. Widely known as 3D Printing, additive manufacturing not only includes polymers, but also metals and other materials. With technical assistance from GE and leadership from Kinetic Vision, Cincinnati State’s Workforce Development Center continues to develop training programs for additive technicians that fills a skills gap in the 3D printing industry.


AweSim provides manufacturers with competitive solutions for simulation-driven design. We help to automate the prototyping process and provide affordable, accessible, and scalable M&S on HPC via:

  • Online modeling and simulation apps and tools
  • Educational materials and training courses
  • Industry-specific expertise and consultants

AweSim is a program of the Ohio Supercomputer Center, who along with M&S industry experts are pioneering the field of M&S-as-a-service. Kinetic Vision supports this worthy program as an AweSim Expert.

University of Cincinnati Mechanical and Materials Engineering External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board (EAB) supports continuous improvement of MME undergraduate curriculum ensuring sensitivity to industry needs and ABET accreditation requirements. They serve as an “extended staff” resource for MME encouraging faculty and staff to solicit EAB support for their needs. The EAB supports recruitment of diverse set of brightest and best high school students to MME programs. They provide a connect point for industry with MME faculty and students. As a member of the EAB, Kinetic Vision is proud to support this worthwhile initiative to advance the future of STEM education with exciting technologies like Virtual Reality and Additive Manufacturing.

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