In spite of tremendous advances in computer-aided design technology, the connection between ideas and finished products is still best accomplished by human hands. Hands that sketch concepts, run machinery, smooth and paint, and assemble and test. We value both the virtual and the physical embodiment of creativity and provide our talented craftspeople with state-of-the-art tools for each. These tools include software to design, virtually test, visualize, immersively experience, and market and sell. Add to that the machinery and equipment to quickly turn your idea into reality. 

Our prototype lab features:

  • Small and large format 3D additive manufacturing
  • 4-axis machining with automatic tool change
  • Traditional cutting, drilling, and lathe operations
  • Injection molding including 24-hour part capability
  • Laser cutting
  • Thermoforming
  • Blow molding
  • Painting and finishing
  • Separate and secure wet lab

We also will test and validate your design in our inspection lab, which features:

  • NDT testing including Computed Tomography (CT), laser scanning, CMM, and mechanical evaluation
  • Material tension/compression/shear testing at high strain rates with an optional environmental chamber
  • Digital Image Correlation (DIC) system for material property evaluation
  • High-speed video (up to 24,000 fps) with data analysis
  • Material coefficient of friction testing and evaluation
  • Collaborative robot arms for automation of almost any inspection process

Virtual Reality (VR) is rapidly changing how products, systems, and facilities are created. Powerful immersive experiences create collaboration and understanding among project teams even when located thousands of miles apart. Product design, function, quality, safety, user training, marketing, and customer feedback can now all be evaluated virtually. 

Kinetic Vision is an industry leader, with a dedicated Motion Capture and VR lab featuring:

  • Support for all VR hardware and platforms
  • Proprietary, streamlined in-house VR development pipeline
  • Hybrid virtual-physical environments that create hyper-realistic experiences
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