AR Desktop Manufacturing is Here

Published Friday July 13, 2018


Desktop manufacturing is here. Augmented reality is a great way to bring processes and systems that physically exist thousands of miles away to a desktop or conference room table. During the development phase, process design, function, layout and other important parameters can be collaboratively studied by all project stakeholders including production, training and safety teams. With existing systems all process monitoring data, including IoT sensors, can be securely sent to the app in real-time, enabling remote viewing of production output, process control and troubleshooting.

Kinetic Vision's Virtual + Augmented Reality and Creative + Visualization groups teamed up to create a tablet-based mobile app that is activated with a printed target. The goal was to provide a means for the various project participants to collaboratively meet and discuss the system, even if they are located in different facilities. These apps can even dynamically load data from the Cloud or private networks to allow multiple manufacturing lines to be selected and reviewed. The days of looking at two-dimensional imagery on a flat screen are numbered!

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