BLINK Installation Sponsored by Kinetic Vision

Published Tuesday October 11, 2022

Kinetic Vision is excited to sponsor the Kemper Sauce Studios interactive art installation at the BLINK Cincinnati. The installation, Arcade of Light, features a blend of gaming, art, and engineering as it was designed to include three different arcade-style games which utilize LED light panels. The Arcade of Light installation can be found near 5th and Crawford in Covington, KY during the BLINK event from October 13th through the 16th. 

Kinetic Vision has always strived to support and promote creativity and ingenuity. The Kemper Sauce Studios team has a wonderful vision of what it takes to combine science and art into something that is engaging for all ages. Kinetic Vision’s own Brian Bailey is a member of the Kemper Sauce Studio team, offering the engineering capabilities to the studio.   

BLINK Cincinnati Arcade of Lights powered by Kinetic Vision

Kemper Sauce Studios presents Arcade of Light, an interactive collection of retro style games built on the latest in microcontroller technology. Each piece is designed to be fun and approachable, with an exaggerated scale that imparts a sense of childlike wonder. The installation draws on the unique experience of the ARCADE: where undiscovered worlds live behind blinking neon lights and a new friend may be just a quarter away.

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Kemper Sauce Studios is a Cincinnati based engineering and arts collective with an inventive drive and a whole list of bad ideas.      

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