Augmented virtual tours

Web-based 360 Degree Tours with Switchable CGI Content

Utilizing innovative proprietary technology, Kinetic Vision’s Virtual + Interactive Solutions group can plan, design, and deliver stunning 360 degree virtual tours even if everything doesn't fully exist. The custom-developed virtual platform is web-based and requires no downloaded application or software. Augmented Virtual Tours are an advanced solution that enables users to explore an environment virtually and augment computer generated content in and out of the tour - in real time. The switchable content gives a picture-perfect view of how new objects or elements will look in the tour environment. The augmented content feature has almost unlimited applications, including understanding equipment placement, seeing structural or architectural components in context, and knowing the impact of design elements in products or venues.

Click on the image above to experience the 360 degree perspective and sense the increased realism when moving or panning on a computer or mobile device. The computer generated Stratasys J55 3D printer shown here can be ‘switched’ in and out of the virtual tour, giving the viewer a sense of how the equipment would look from any angle with 360 degree movement capability.

Seamless Tours Through Advanced Technology

The web-based application enables a seamless user experience. Simply click a link into the web-page and the Augmented Virtual Tour begins. The back-end technology is built with framework compatibility and is easily modifiable. This gives broad flexibility to add or delete augmented reality objects that are placed in the tour. The system also utilizes images from a 360 degree pano camera, and combines these images to deliver a panoramic view from any angle. Whether it’s a single room or an entire building, we can create a virtual tour of any size facility.

360 Pano Overhead Shot
Cameras for 360 Pano
(Left: Overhead Augmented Virtual Tour view of one of the buildings on Kinetic Vision’s campus. Right: 360º pano cameras)

Kinetic Vision’s Augmented Virtual Tours offer private and fully controllable hosting, as well as the ability to brand as desired. Discover the possibilities by contacting Kinetic Vision for more information about how to bring your Augmented Virtual Tour to life. 

Learn more about augmented reality at Wikipedia.

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