Brand Identity and Graphic Design

Brand Identity and Graphic Design

Brand identity and graphic design are the first impressions of your product a consumer sees. Without a clear brand identity, how will people find you? How will they remember you? You can count on our team extract the essence of your business to create a memorable and lasting identity.

See also Industrial Design.

AirTrac Transport System

In this example Kinetic Vision was asked to create awareness for a unique public transportation system concept called AirTrac. AirTrac utilizes air cushion technology to increase speed and reduce the number of consumable parts. A significant departure from current rigid rail technology is achieved with a somewhat flexible guideway constructed from advanced composite materials. This non-rigid approach reduces weight and cost.

By utilizing Kinetic Vision's brand identity and graphic design services, the important concepts of this revolutionary high-speed rail system are powerfully presented in an engaging, understandable way. Public awareness was increased through development of a website, print materials and computer animations of the system.

brand identity and graphic design
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