Embedded systems, robotics and IoT

With the advent of smart products that incorporate logic, sensing and electromechanical systems, our teams have grown to support these developments with microcontroller programming, PCB design, Bluetooth and sensor development. From creating fully articulated robotics control interfaces to remote monitoring systems, let us help you design, create and execute a custom solution for your needs.

Robotic Research Platform

This robotic research system was created internally as a sensor development platform. Designed using 3D computer-aided design (CAD) tools, the system is constructed of commercially-available electronic components and 3D printed and laser cut mechanical parts.

The platform works with a variety of microcontroller and CPU hardware, and is compatible with the Robot Operating System (ROS), Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) or proprietary robot operating systems. Sensor compatibility includes Microsoft Kinect, Intel Realsense, webcam, IR proximity, cameras, microphones and many others.

This research system enables Kinetic Vision engineers to test and validate almost any sensor in multiple use-case environments. It is also utilized as a mechatronics software development testing and training platform.

Embedded Systems, Robotics and IoT

Anesthesia Game Device

Kinetic Vision worked with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to develop a tablet-based game to reduce fear of anesthesia masks and encourage proper breathing. The game system, developed by Kinetic Vision’s Software + Solutions and Creative + Visualization groups, relies on Bluetooth technology and features an elephant and other animals walking to a zoo, was designed to transform what can be a nightmare into an entertaining way to fall asleep while inhaling anesthetic gas. The animals move with each breath of the child, who nods off after a couple minutes of playing the game.

“Every kid has been excited to play,” said Abby Hess, the nurse practitioner who thought of the concept. “Kids I knew who had difficult experiences before and would not come within feet of this mask were willing to interact with it in that fun and engaging way.

Read more about Abby’s idea in the Cincinnati Business Courier article.

Anesthesia Game Device



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