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Creative problem solving is at the heart of our design work. We take a user centered approach to designing products and experiences. We're always seeking to uncover new ways to enable, entertain and improve the life of the consumer. Our years of experience and vast array of industry experience allows us to multiply insights and leverage value to compound quality solutions. We do this through an extensive array of internal design and development disciplines as well as a constant thirst for technology.

Industrial Design Medical

Design Concepts

Traditional industrial design involves a foundation in consumer learning and empathy in their interaction with your product. Research, innovation, brand form language requirements, and necessary manufacturing techniques are combined with consumer knowledge to create solutions that will please and identify with the consumer. The level of these initial sketches can vary based on timing, audience, and output of expectation. This round of concepts sets the direction for additional rounds of refinement to get to the final solution.

VR sketching

One of the most difficult attributes of design is designing for scale (life size). When we are designing products that are large or require a specific environment or where you need a proper sense of scale, our industrial designers will utilize virtual reality to sketch and design. This allows the designer to walk around and visually represent the product as it would be seen in real life. The power of scale allows us to recognize ergonomic and process issues of location and function faster than traditional sketching. Our goal is to utilize technology to drive the speed of development for faster learning and advantage.

Industrial Design Industrial Nailer

Initial form CAD development

When redesigning a product, often there are necessary and existing components and internals that cannot change. We work with your team to fully integrate the existing 3D data with the new design. Depending on the timing of your project or if the product is a simple form, early CAD development may be a necessary advantage, to improve the timeline and best represent the form.

Industrial Design Sprayer

Human Interaction / Ergonomics

In dealing with products and user interaction, specifically ergonomics, it’s crucial to design accurately from the beginning. In designing products where dexterity and detail are key (for instance designing for the hand) we have the advantage of having industrial designers who also sculpt. These sculptors are able to develop proper ergonomics using professional automotive sculpting clay. Then we utilize our CT scanning capability to create scaled 3D data to begin designing around defined ergonomics. This allows our designers to reach a design solution that is already on target for user interaction (no guessing or waiting for prototypes). This is just one of the ways we utilize technology and our in-house diversity to increase the speed of targeted solutions to learn and apply faster. We will never show designs for products that are not manufacturable and don’t consider user impact.




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