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Successful projects are built on a solid foundation of knowledge. We use a number of research methods to discover what motivates consumers to generate new opportunities for insight. Our process is consumer driven from start to finish and allows us to navigate the process focused on defining solutions that consumers want and can’t live without. We do this using observation, interviews, user testing, trends, competitive/market analysis, and more. We can help you build a stronger foundation, or create a solid one, that will ultimately control the outcome of your success in the market.

Kinetic Vision is unique from the standpoint that we utilize industrial designers to employ our consumer research. Why? Because industrial designers are already driven by consumer empathy and have a high level of product understanding. This allows them to ask questions and more importantly, realize when there is potential insight and follow the trail. Our industrial designers can even sketch in front of the consumer to better define the consumer’s thought... when they can’t find the words.

Industrial Design Research Consumer

User Understanding and Ergonomics

The “first moment of truth” for a consumer is imperative but the “second moment of truth” (when the consumer touches and interacts with the product) will determine acceptance, rejection and whether a consumer claims the product as part of who they are…  Ergonomics define the effective relationship between user and product. User research confirms and directs the “second moment of truth” and will often times set the tone for long term adoption from consumers. We focus on the user at the start of any project and throughout  to better define a market in need of the product, instead of creating a product that’s not needed..

Consumer Observation

Also known as, “A Day in the Life”, is consumer observation that seeks to expose consumer insights while the consumer engages your product within a day in their own life in their environment. Many times, consumers cannot voice needs or wants because they just accept the product as the best option. And often, due to a new and unfamiliar environment, a consumer has difficulty expressing themselves in a more formal research process. Our industrial designers watch, and then ask why. By watching the consumer use the product they recognize opportunities for ease of use and innovation.  

One on One Interviews

When you have access to consumers, you have access to power in your market. However, knowing the right questions to ask and being able to adjust on the fly are critical to full effectiveness. We can adjust on the fly based on strategic direction and sketch when necessary to fully flush out consumer ideation, in the midst of a one on one interview.

Digital Diary (local to global)

There is absolute value in gaining insight from consumers right in their own environment, in that moment. ...Now add video, and the impact is exponential. We partner with a group dedicated to sourcing pre-approved elite consumers for your market, and allowing you to access “real-time” consumer feedback online, with the ability to adjust and adapt that access as information is gathered. This can be done locally or on a global scale.

Trends - Styling/Materials/Consumer

The trends that are constantly changing and driven by culture also help to drive sales. Knowledge of those trends in fashion, form, color, and material require a constant pulse on what’s happening. Your product needs to speak to your consumer with more understanding than your competition. Through trend research, we can present a product in a way that represents who they are today and where they want to go in the future.

Industrial Design Research Trends


Sometime in order to start you need to know where your competition is and have a good understanding of where they might be headed. Competitive research allows general market insight and knowledge of who is missing the mark and who is killing it. It also allows you to have insight on what your consumer is moving towards in the future. Competitive research includes brand audits, general market studies, and market leaders’ difference. This can include the direct market and included side-by-side, dependent or parallel markets.




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