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IP Innovation

We provide innovation services for the some of the top companies in the world. Whether it’s for a start-up or a fortune 100 company, our innovation is driven by taking a unique and strategic approach with each client, based on their goals, current market trends, technology, and applying a laser focus on the consumer to dig deeper and uncover gold. We have seasoned experts who can drive towards solving wants and needs that are often hidden to consumers. Whether you need innovation in your pipeline, market opportunities, technology application, IP expansion, category expansion, brand building or other more specific innovation, we will craft a result exclusive to your needs and expectations.

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Kona Ice

When Tony Guard, our Director of Innovation and Industrial Design, was approached about helping to develop a whole new concept of what the ice cream truck could be… he jumped. Starting from day one, his goal was to bring our client’s vision of what this truck of goodness could look like, function, and how it might improve the customer experience. We helped design and develop the truck from the bottom up, starting with the brand, “Kona” the penguin. Our input spanned character development, truck graphics and presentations, truck layout, Flavorwave development, and much more. However, the primary concern of Kona Ice Corporate was to acquire intellectual property that could entice prospective franchisees, and at the same time keep competitors at bay. Well, we nailed it. The “Flavorwave” was developed and currently has multiple patents. It’s been successfully defended multiple times and stands as a wall of protection for Kona Ice. You might be saying, “what’s so great about putting on your own flavorings?”. Well, with a flavor dispensing system that allows the customer to apply the flavoring, the operator can serve up to 10x the amount of shaved ice as an operator without one. That means 10x the revenue and that’s why Kona Ice is one of the top franchise companies in the world.

IP Innovation - Kona Ice 2

Strong Relationships That Grow

Our success with Kona Ice didn’t stop at the amazing Kona Ice truck or gained intellectual property. Looking to expand the revenue options for owner/operators in colder climates, Kona Ice sought us out to design a cart to add expandability for their franchise offering. Focused on expanding the foundation of the corporate brand, the Kona truck, we designed a “mini” truck that’s just the right size for easy portability and fits through a standard door. Why? Now Kona is served throughout schools throughout the year and has allowed Kona to give back tens of millions of dollars to help improve schools. This unique little cart has also dramatically increased sales and the “mini” has become one of the top selling units in the Kona Ice line of franchise units.

We continue to develop great products for Kona Ice to keep it in the forefront of its industry. Whether through products or intellectual property, we maintain a laser focus to deliver on our clients goals and create experiences for customers that excite and keep them coming back. Keep an eye out, there’s more to come...




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