Interactive presentations

Interactive presentations provide a much higher level of user engagement and interest than static media. We look at each project as a question, ‘How do we present content in the most engaging and streamlined manner possible?’ Whether it is a game or a page-by-page presentation, our programmers deliver an experience that is engaging and memorable. We develop for a variety of platforms using methods such as Adobe Flash, HTML5, and mobile operating systems.

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Food for Thought Quiz Game

Deployed at a car industry trade show, Food for Thought is a multiplayer trivia game which allows up to four players to compete against each other to answer car-related trivia questions. Players interact with the game through iPads which are networked to a server. The server runs the game session, picking a randomized sequence of questions and keeping a running tally of player information throughout the day. A leader board displays the top players and scores, so that players are incentivized to come back and improve or defend their score. Each game session contained several bonus questions about the client and their website. In this way the client was able to communicate information about their services in a fun and compelling way.

interactive presentations
Care360 Sales Tool
This interactive allows users to explore the services offered by the Care360 platform, a suite of healthcare management software. Users are presented with a rendered hospital where they can pan and zoom to focus on specific areas that the suite manages. After choosing an area, the user is presented with various sales materials - including videos, presentations, and interactive demos of the software suite. This was deployed across several platforms, with versions for desktop (PC and Mac), web, and as a mobile app for iPads.
Interactive Presentations - Sales and Marketing



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