Marketing and advertising content

Our Creative Services team creates moving images that are eye-catching and compelling. We capture the identity and personality of our clients in our work; from fun and exciting to straight-forward and professional. We work to define your personality or work in harmony with your existing material.

30-Second TV Commercial

This 30-second television spot was created to raise brand awareness and value for an everyday material used in many products such as rugs and carpeting. Wools of New Zealand approached our Creative Services group with an idea to build brand awareness through local media advertising. A traditional hand-drawn, or cel, animation look was replicated by our motion graphics services group. The project included creative, storyboarding, animatic creation and final animation production.

Public Information Video

Puget Sound Energy approached Kinetic Vision with the need to produce a video that explained how electrical power is generated for its customers in western Washington. This three-minute public information video describes how electricity is created from renewable energy sources such and wind and hydroelectric power. It is a great example of how 3D computer animation, motion graphics, green-screen video, voice-over and background music can be combined to create an engaging, informative presentation.

Website Commercial

In this website commercial for, Kinetic Vision teamed up with the Redmark agency in Cincinnati, Ohio to create a eye-catching 90-second spot about the innovative CleanCut products. A combination of 3D animation, 2D motion graphics and character animation techniques were used to create this informative and whimsical production.



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