Mechanical design services

Kinetic Vision's mechanical design services include Advanced CAD, Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFM/DFA), Modeling and Simulation, and Prototype Development.  Our design services skills allow us to maximize product quality while minimizing manufactured cost by considering the production processes during the product's design. Each manufacturing process has its own unique set of requirements and best practices. From injection, blow, or metal injection molding to machining, additive manufacturing, sheet metal fabrication, or casting, we have the experience to design for various manufacturing processes. We optimize designs with assembly in mind to maximize product quality and minimize production cost.

Often our mechanical design services includes the creation of working prototypes. Our prototype lab, equipped with 3D printers, 4-axis machining centers, lathes, laser cutting tables and injection molding machine, gives us the capability to create and test fully-functional prototypes, whether you need a few or hundreds. In-house finish and paint capabilities enable us to also create production-look models for team review, product photography and market research.

Router Boss Woodworking Router

In this project, our customer came to us with a "napkin sketch" concept and a large list configurations and accessories. Our experienced mechanical design engineers converted this idea into manufacturing-ready component designs that were produced using custom extrusion, machining, injection molding, and stock parts where applicable. Components were designed to maximize configurability, minimize cost, and meet product requirements. In addition to standard mechanical design services, Kinetic Vision assisted with vendor selection and guided the customer through the manufacturing and quality processes.

Learn more about the Router Boss at this website.

This video demonstrates how Kinetic Vision's Creative Services group can turn mechanical CAD data into engaging, informative animations that can be used for internal communication, marketing, training and consumer research.

Mechanical Design Services



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