Mechanical properties testing

Kinetic Vision has extensive in-house test equipment for component evaluation and mechanical properties testing. Materials can be tested statically, dynamically and under extreme environmental conditions. In addition to mechanical properties testing, custom Test Fixtures can be created to evaluate products and components for stiffness, failure load, actuation force, deflection, strain and many other parameters, also while utilizing an environmental chamber if needed. These capabilities are also valuable for determining FEA Material Properties. Learn more about mechanical testing at Wikipedia.

Dynamic Axial Testing with Environmental Chamber

Axial mechanical properties testing systems can be configured to apply tensile, compressive, torsional and shear loadings, both statically and dynamically, with measurement forces ranging from 0.025 N to 3000 N. Many materials, like most plastics, have mechanical properties that are strain-rate dependent and accurately modeling transient events like impact requires an understanding of material behavior during these rapid events. Plastics and other materials are also sensitive to temperature and humidity, and performance under extreme conditions may be much different than when in controlled environments. Understanding how these conditions affect material performance are critical to product functionality, useful life and quality.

Kinetic Vision's mechanical properties testing systems are able to measure properties under high-strain rates and at environmental extremes. Head speeds up to 1700 mm/sec (versus 10-20 mm/sec for typical universal testing machines) enable high strain-rate and rapid fatigue data collection. An optional environmental chamber can be utilized to allow material and component tests to be conducted at temperature and humidity extremes. Properties that can be evaluated include: Elastic Modulus, Plasticity, Poisson's Ratio, Creep, Viscoelasticity, Viscosity and Coefficient of Thermal Expansion. 

Mechanical Properties Testing - Axial Test
Mechanical Properties Testing - Environmental Chamber

Digital Image Correlation

Kinetic Vision's Digital Image Correlation (DIC) mechanical properties testing system creates strain and displacement maps directly from high speed video, providing additional information to characterize material behavior such as axial and transverse displacement/strain, shear strain, maximum and minimum normal strain and Poisson's ratio. This video system is accurate down to 2µm and captures data at up to 24,000 frames per second.

Mechanical Properties Testing - Digital Image Correlation
Mechanical Properties Testing - DIC Software

Coefficient of Friction Machine

This data acquisition system is a state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled force measurement package that combines accuracy with ease of use. This system simultaneously controls test motion, reads the force of a test from a load cell, digitally displays it, and stores the data in its memory. Features include:

  • Digital speed control with encoder feedback
  • Selectable speeds of 6, 12, and 24 ipm (15, 30, and 60 cpm)
  • Static and kinetic COF results displayed immediately upon test completion
  • 5 lb load cell
  • Test samples as short as 1/2” to as long as 6” (12-150 mm)
  • 2.5” (6 cm) square, rubber covered, 200 gram sled is included with the machine
  • Operating temperature range 32°-150° F (0°-70° C)
  • Accurate to +/-0.1% of load cell range
  • Capable of pulling up to 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Mechanical Properties Testing - COF Machine





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