Medical visualization

Our experience in medical visualization comes from communicating concepts and technology for multiple Fortune 500 medical device companies, and we can speak their language. Our multidisciplinary team includes an in-house medical illustrator, product design engineers, and experienced animators and video editors.

Photorealistic product renderings replace studio photography, enabling greater composition creativity and shot flexibility, while significantly reducing time and cost. Digital assets are available in parallel for internal communications, sales and marketing collateral, and user training. Past projects have included anatomical structures, anatomy, soft tissue and organ manipulation, biological processes and surgical procedures. 

See also VR Medical Visualization.

medical visualization

Dentin Hypersensitivity Visuals

Kinetic Vision's Medical Visualization Group was asked to create images depicting dentin hypersensitivity to help dental professionals explain to their patients what the disease is and why it occurs. Anatomically correct digital 3D models and computer renderings were made to depict how thinned tooth enamel or gum recession exposes dentin, and how hot and cold liquids can dramatically alter hydrodynamic flow of fluid in the dentin tubules, resulting in pain and discomfort. These images are used to educate potential consumers about the causes of dentin hypersensitivity, and present preventive measures and products for treatment and relief.

Medical Visualization - Dentin Hypersensitivity
Medical Visualization - Dentin Tubules

Dental Treatment Informational Animation

This animation show what happens at the cellular level when bacteria is present below the gum line. It was created to help dental professionals understand the benefits of a new product that is formulated to provide better bacteria control than standard toothpastes.

Medical Visualization Demo Reel

This two-minute video highlights medical devices, products and procedures through the use of computer animation, motion graphics and video editing.



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