Sub-micron resolutions can be achieved using Nanoscan 3D CT Scanning, creating intricate levels of detail on even the smallest samples.

Printed Circuit Board Inspection

The possible scan resolution is dependent on the size and material of the part, but printed circuit boards (PCB) are a prime example where sub-micron resolution can be obtained. Nanoscan enables investigation of potential PCB manufacturing and assembly defects, including “cold” solder joints, integrated circuit bonding issues, or multilayer PCB interlaminar flaws.


Mouse Femur Nanoscan

In this example, femur bone samples from field mice were 3D CT Scanned using Nanoscan technology. The data that was captured at 2.8 µm resolution allowing researchers non-destructively visualize and quantify bone density and structure. Information from these scans can help to drive advancements in tools and technology in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.


Nanoscan - Mouse Femur



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