Product visualization

Product visualization empowers you to present your concepts and ideas in a engaging, visual way. Working with in-house designers and engineers, our digital artists communicate ideas in a creative, engaging and concise style that our clients use for market research, training, sales presentations and internal communications.

Photorealistic product renderings quickly create understanding, facilitate decision processes, and replace traditional studio photography, saving you time and money. Animations and interactive presentations are used for marketing materials, sales presentations and training assets, eliminating the need for costly physical prototypes. Market research is done globally and interactively. The result: your product ideas get to market faster than ever before.

See also Industrial Design.

Product Visualization - Medical Device

Virtual Product Samples

In this example a major footwear manufacturer wanted to get consumer feedback on styles, colors and fabrics for a new line in days, not months. Usually a single physical style sample takes 4-5 weeks to be made, and once received, often the samples weren't correct. That required the entire process to be repeated.

By working with Kinetic Vision's Product Visualization Group virtual product samples and online market research gave the manufacturer the feedback they needed in two weeks from start to finish, versus two months using traditional methods.

See also Virtual Product Placement.

product visualization - shoes

Multistage Industrial Pump

Kinetic Vision's strong technical background in mechanical design and engineering makes us a great choice for technical product visualization needs. We support 3D asset transfer from all major mechanical CAD programs in native form or can also utilize IGES or STEP input.

In this example a high pressure, multistage industrial pump cutaway rendering was created using native CAD assembly files. The highly detailed image includes hundreds of individual objects, including rotors, seals, bearings and many other components. Seventeen animations of the pump were also created as part of an interactive presentation. Three of the animations are shown in this product visualization video.

product visualization - Pump

Cranial Stabilization System

This four-minute marketing video was created to introduce a new product to the marketplace. Primarily consisting of three-dimensional animation, the project also included creative, storyboarding, animatics, voiceover, and final editing.



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