Technical visualization

Technical visualization is the use of dynamic visuals and animation to communicate the science and engineering behind complex concepts, products and processes. Engage and share information clearly with your viewer, leaving no room for misunderstanding. Uses of technical visualization include internal enterprise communication, and external applications such as marketing, sales and training media. In addition to skilled digital artists, Kinetic Vision has extensive expertise in Innovation and Industrial Design, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Modeling and Simulation, ensuring that the resulting imagery is technically accurate. We can also leverage your CAD data and other digital assets to produce Patent Illustrations and other intellectual property documentation.

Truck Hub Rotor Assembly Thermal Performance

A leading manufacturer of wheel-end products for the heavy-duty truck and trailer market redesigned a disc rotor assembly to improve its thermal performance, and wanted to create engaging graphics that explained the key technologies and design features. The technical illustrations would be utilized by their marketing department for print, web and trade show applications.

Using a 3D CAD assembly provided by the customer, Kinetic Vision's technical visualization group created imagery that clearly conveyed the key engineering feature: the optimized design allows the bearings, seals and lubricants to run cooler, improving the rotor assembly's reliability and reducing maintenance costs. Our technical visualization team worked closely with our Modeling and Simulation group to ensure that technically accurate visuals were created.

Technical Visualization - Truck Hub Rendering
Technical Visualization - Truck Hub Thermal Performance

AirTrac Transport System

In this example Kinetic Vision was asked to developed visuals, animations and the website for a unique public transportation system concept called AirTrac. AirTrac utilizes air cushion technology to increase speed and reduce the number of consumable parts. A significant departure from current rigid rail technology is achieved with a somewhat flexible guideway constructed from advanced composite materials. This non-rigid approach reduces weight and cost.

By utilizing Kinetic Vision's technical visualization services, the important concepts of this revolutionary high-speed rail system are powerfully presented in an engaging, understandable way. Visit the AirTrac website to learn more.

Technical Visualization - AirTrac Cutaway
Technical Visualization - AirTrac

Multistage Industrial Pump

In this example a high pressure, multistage industrial pump cutaway rendering was created using native CAD assembly files. The highly detailed image includes hundreds of individual objects, including rotors, seals, bearings and many other components. Seventeen animations of the pump were also created as part of an Product Visualization animation. In this scene the intra-stage takeoff capabilities of the pump are highlighted.

Technical Visualization - Multistage Industrial Pump
Technical Visualization - Multistage Pump Takeoff

Medical Device Handle Mold-Filling Analysis

Modeling and Simulation results are sometimes difficult to convey to non-technical audiences, resulting in lack of engagement or confusion. Kinetic Vision's technical visualization team was asked to provide images that clearly presented the injection mold filling simulation results in a way the audience would understand. The image shown is a composite of the actual simulation output with CAD and rendered graphics, and provided the visual references needed to clearly communicate the study results.

Technical Visualization - Medical Device
Technical Visualization - Medical Device Handle Molding Simulation

Horizontal Machining Center

The Makino a500Z machining center utilizes a "Z-type" fifth axis to accommodate complex part geometry challenges while providing reliable and efficient production flexibility. Makino, the industry leader in machinery design and digital innovation, turned to Kinetic Vision to create animated content to help explain how this unique machine operates.

Makino MHmax

Makino relied on Kinetic Vision to craft a visual presentation of Makino's innovative MHmax predictive and proactive machine health technology.

Technical Visualization Demo Reel

A variety of products and concepts are presented using 2D and 3D computer graphics in this two-minute technical visualization video.



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