Mixed reality

Mixed Reality (MR) refers to the blending of the virtual and physical world. It is similar to Augmented Reality (AR), which simply overlays digital content onto a camera feed of the physical space, but includes additional understanding of the three-dimensional environment and objects in it. This enables virtual objects to appear to be both in front of and behind physical objects in the space, or appear to interact with them. Depending on your needs and end use case, our mixed reality development team will recommend the best technology for your project. An infographic depicting the relationship between Extended Reality (XR), Virtual Reality (VR), MR and AR is presented below. 

Infographic comparing XR, VR, MR and AR

What used to be plausible only in our imaginations is now possible utilizing mixed reality and headsets like the Microsoft HoloLens 2. Users are able to fully interact with virtual objects in their physical real world, unlocking a number of new uses and applications. Kinetic Vision’s mixed reality development combines the latest game engines and real-time rendering technology with cutting edge wearables to create applications for product development, manufacturing, training, and marketing.

Person wearing the HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset

Mixed reality is also a powerful tool for training as it augments the physical environment and objects with virtual content. Our advanced mixed reality technology, coupled with the latest headsets, can speed training times and improve worker efficiency. VR training, which utilizes completely virtual environments, is also an extremely effective way to study human factors and process workflows. True-to-scale, interactive virtual environments give accurate feedback on interactions and functionality.

A critical application for mixed reality development is in the life-sciences field. Virtual and mixed reality medical visualization bring new levels of engagement and understanding to medical procedures and anatomy by allowing users to visualize from any angle, zoom in to microscopic levels and remove tissue layer-by-layer. This allows for highly efficient patient education, as well as training for medical professionals and healthcare providers.

More information about Mixed Reality may be found on Wikipedia and in this helpful article in the Journal of Business Research. 




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