Virtual product photography

Virtual product photography creates visual marketing content that is indistinguishable from actual product photographs, with greater creative flexibility, in less time and at a lower cost. No need to wait for expensive prototype models, schedule studio time or do costly re-shoots. Explore various product configurations, designs, styles, color schemes, textures and backgrounds quickly and easily.

Virtual product photographs are created using existing computer-aided design (CAD) design data from any software platform. Our Product Design group makes this process seamless and efficient, and if design data doesn't exist we can make if for you. In addition to still images, our Product Visualization group creates informative 3D animations that clearly and concisely explain product function and performance.

Implementation of this digital work process allows marketing teams to develop advertising and sales content early in the new product development cycle. Market research and consumer-preference studies speed up and drive the product design process instead of slowing it down. Websites and social media campaigns can be created and tested long before market introduction. Your product is ready for success because your sales, marketing and advertising have been virtually created and tested, and those tests helped create a product your customers want.

Virtual Product Photography - Jewelry
Virtual Product Photography - Beauty Product
Virtual Product Photography - Lipstick
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