Virtual product placement

Virtual product placement and merchandising lets R&D, marketing and merchandising teams test and understand the variables that drive consumer choices. Just like staging a house for sale, seeing the product in its use environment creates a connection between the buyer and the product, and that connection greatly increases the likelihood of a sale. Market research of consumer feedback can be obtained without the need for physical products or working prototypes, saving time and money.

Using our proprietary augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology, full-size or scaled three dimensional virtual products can be placed on conference room tables, in trade show booths, or at your next company event. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Virtual Product Placement

Motorsports Augmented Reality Marketing App

Andretti Autosport® turned to Kinetic Vision to create a way to place photorealistic scale or full-size cars from each race series into any environment, enabling them to provide additional value to existing sponsors, find new partners, and increase fan engagement. Our virtual product placement technology allows anyone to experience a real race car, anywhere, at any time. The app shown was created using Apple ARKit, but Kinetic Vision also supports Google ARCore and Tango AR technologies.

This video shows how augmented reality allows virtual product placement even when the viewer is moving or panning the mobile device, which increases the sense of realism. With the ability to place photorealistic, full-size or scale cars anywhere, Andretti Autosport increases fan engagement and sponsorship opportunities.

Virtual Product Placement - Indy Car

Multi-Environment Virtual Product Placement and Merchandising

In this example an air freshener design concept is visualized in home and store-shelf VR environments. Kinetic Vision's proprietary technology allows design teams to quickly evaluate product appearance and function in various environments, allows collaboration with remote teams, and enables market research for many customer use experiences, all virtually.



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