Web, mobile and interactive development

Web, mobile and interactive development covers a class of applications that are designed with high level of end-user interactivity, leveraging a polished UI/UX design. These applications have a robustly designed technology stack that employs complex object models and allow your users to be instantly updated with the latest version of your software. With many businesses working from mobile and tablet devices, our development team can ensure that you reach everyone, regardless of the medium.

Andretti Autosport Digital Marketing

As the Official Digital Marketing Agency of Andretti Autosport, Kinetic Vision was tasked with completely revamping the website of the motorsports powerhouse to improve the user experience and fan engagement. The goal was to create a modern UI/UX design that put news and social media posts first and foremost on the home page. Kinetic Vision's Creative + Visualization group met the challenge by creating an informative but clean presentation with easily understood navigation.

Primary objectives were to connect directly to the team and driver social media feeds and provide Andretti marketing personnel an easy means of updating content. This was accomplished using a flexible site architecture and Locomotive content management system. In addition, three-dimensional racecar viewing was utilized to present information and technical specs for each race series, further increasing user engagement time and interest.

Web, Mobile and Interactive Experiences

Food for Thought Quiz Game


Deployed at a car industry trade show, Food for Thought is a multiplayer trivia game which allows up to four players to compete against each other to answer car-related trivia questions. Players interact with the game through iPads which are networked to a server. The server runs the game session, picking a randomized sequence of questions and keeping a running tally of player information throughout the day.


A leader board displays the top players and scores, so that players are incentivized to come back and improve or defend their score. Each game session contained several bonus questions about the client and their website. In this way the client was able to communicate information about their services in a fun and compelling way.

Food for Thought App




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