2020 Is Already Stacking Up To Be A Fabulous Year

Published Friday January 17, 2020

Cover 30 Fabulous companies of the year

What makes a company earn the mark of a Fabulous Company by the Silicon Review? It's a focus on creating a positive work environment for its people; it's about adapting and creating new technologies to solve tough problems; and it's about having a vision and being fearless to dive in and chase it. We're pleased to announce that Kinetic Vision just made the cut and has been named as one of the top 30 companies to watch in 2020.

While we are thrilled to be given such an honor, we also are humble enough to know that it's all about the people - both our employees and our clients who we serve. And our people are always thrilled about new technologies, including machine learning. Some takeaways from the article about what Kinetic Vision is working on:

Smart Products - the company has seen explosive growth in this market by integrating up to 7 key disciplines for seamless solutions.

New Technology Integration - creating breakthrough products and processes by using and cross-developing technologies such as real-time simulation, machine learning, AR/VR, advanced 3D printing, dynamic imaging, and mobile computing.

aiVision® - a concept similar to Waymo's CarCraft or Nvidia's DRIVE, but for broader business (non-automotive) applications.

The Silicon Review article can be found here. For more information about Kinetic Vision or machine learning, please contact us by clicking on the link here.

"We know machine learning is going to influence every part of our personal lives and every business process, and we are going to be a leader in that revolution"

Rick Schweet
Founder and CEO

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