Introduction to Innovation Sessions

Published Tuesday October 10, 2023

At Kinetic Vision, we know how important it is to develop new and market-impacting ideas. Innovation is key to success in any business, product, or service. But how can someone bring about practical and meaningful innovation in their company? What does the process of achieving great innovation look like? In this article, Tony Guard, our Director of Innovation, explains why innovation is essential and how innovation sessions can help drive a company’s future. 

Innovation is a fundamental element in every area of business. Its impact extends beyond technological advancements to creative problem-solving, new business models, and improved customer experiences. Organizations that embrace innovation have a significant advantage as the world keeps changing. They are prepared for “what’s next” and stay ahead of their competition.

Innovation has proven to be a powerful catalyst for growth and transformation, propelling businesses towards a brighter and more prosperous future. When you collaborate with Kinetic Vision’s Strategic Innovation, your focus and expertise create even more opportunities, value, and impact.

Why is Innovation important? 

As we all know, innovation is pivotal in driving businesses forward, with its ability to impact revenue substantially. In fact, experts have said efficiency has never grown a business. 

In today’s challenging business landscape, it is crucial to recognize innovation’s importance. It holds the key to not only expanding businesses rapidly, but also to navigating economic slowdowns and market uncertainties.

Traditionally, when budgets tighten, innovation initiatives are often the first to face cuts. However, as we established earlier, efficiency alone will not grow your business. In this context, innovation is the driving force behind business growth and success. 

Regardless of the industry or product, innovation is significant in changing and improving everything in a business. Companies use innovation to change how they make, sell, and do things behind the scenes.

Companies need to be strategic and purposeful when developing new ideas. It’s about coming up with unique ideas and finding ways to make those ideas valuable and impactful. Companies prioritizing innovation gain a competitive edge and seize opportunities for long-term success.

What are Innovation sessions? 

Innovation sessions are at the heart of our conversation today. These sessions serve as a platform for fostering creative thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, innovation sessions fuel the ideation process, paving the way for more significant business growth. 

At Kinetic Vision, we understand the value of strategic innovation. We train our team in cross-link modeling so they can share that method and collaboratively expose more ideas.

It’s in collaboration and working together where the most value and opportunities live. By constantly pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo, we aim to create a culture that thrives on innovation strategy. 

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to go beyond the standard process of ideation. While many organizations conclude their innovation workshops with concept generation, we consider that undefined and undeveloped. 

Our unique approach involves providing a clear path forward and actionable steps to develop and bring those ideas to life. Having ideas in and of itself is insufficient. We understand the importance of checking and confirming those ideas to ensure they have value.

Without proper validation, ideas remain stagnant and hold no actual worth. Our goal is to help our clients create products that have real value from start to finish. We provide the experts, tools, technology, and knowledge to turn their ideas into successful realities. By doing so, we ensure that innovation translates into tangible value and tangible results.

The Key Parts of Strategic Innovation

There are four crucial components to our innovation process, each playing a pivotal role in ensuring success: 

  • Defining the right problem 
  • Preparing for innovation
  • Strategically leading the innovation process
  • Qualifying the value of ideas

The first foundational step is determining whether we are solving the right problem. It’s important not to waste time and resources on fixing an issue that doesn’t matter or isn’t important to the consumer or user

The second step is preparing for innovation. This is where we first define a strategic target and goal. Once we define our goal, we dive deep into research, developing strategic exercises, selecting unique experts, integrating technology, and finding unique stimuli to drive and maximize ideation. We make every effort to ensure we provide the perfect environment, providing any and all resources to support innovation initiatives.

The third component involves cross-link modeling, where seasoned and experienced innovation experts lead smaller groups within the larger session. Their ability to connect and model diverse perspectives enhances creativity ideation and does the same for those around them. 

Lastly, qualifying the idea becomes paramount. Collectively with you, we assess its potential value within the context of the market, brand, and manufacturing requirements, ensuring it aligns with business strategy and customer interests. This crucial step ensures that you invest your time and efforts in ideas that hold true potential, avoiding wasting precious time and resources. Our innovation process becomes a strategic and purposeful journey toward impactful outcomes.

What does a Kinetic Vision Innovation Session look like? 

At Kinetic Vision, we design our innovation sessions to be enjoyable, fun – and, most of all, strategic. We believe fostering an enjoyable and engaging environment is key to inspiring creativity and ensuring long-term participation. We thrive on client collaboration and the compounding effect of diverse thinking and ideas. We believe that when people are in a creative environment, are infused with unique stimuli, receive encouragement, and work together as a team, they will develop great ideas.

The pace of our sessions is deliberately fast, maintaining momentum and keeping the energy levels high throughout. In addition, we offer ongoing options for feedback from all participants to enhance collaboration. We can create visual images and, after the session, supply virtual and physical prototypes to explain each new concept best. This helps experts, clients, and consumers get feedback to find valuable concepts quickly.

We want to objectively qualify ideas as much as possible so we can align with the goals, requirements, and consumer market.

How do I start my own Innovation Session? 

If you think innovation can improve your business, please visit our website at and contact us. Simply visit our Contact Us page and address your inquiry to Tony Guard, our Director of Innovation.

 Our goal is to improve your future opportunities while reducing your risk by defining objective value.

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