Kinetic Vision and Celwise announce partnership

Published Wednesday December 6, 2023
KV Celwise Partnership

Kinetic Vision, a leader in product development, is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Celwise, the foremost authority in pulp molding and manufacturing. This strategic alliance represents a major leap in sustainable packaging, heralding a shift from traditional packaging solutions to eco-friendly alternatives. 

Kinetic Vision excels in crafting eco-friendly fiber-based package concepts and designs that seamlessly blend aesthetics and sustainability. Their partnership with Celwise promises to revolutionize the packaging industry. 

Kinetic Vision’s pioneering approach ensures a successful shift from traditional plastics to sustainable cellulose fiber-based materials, meeting high standards in both aesthetics and environmental responsibility. Additionally, they offer comprehensive prototyping services, ensuring the alignment of product quality and marketing requirements. 

By tapping into Kinetic Vision’s extensive industry network, Celwise expands its reach, gaining access to a vast network of industry partners. This amplifies the impact of Celwise’s groundbreaking cellulose fiber-based manufacturing methods, fostering new opportunities and collaborations. 

Celwise, with a remarkable track record in cellulose fiber-based manufacturing, boasts accomplishments such as fivefold faster molding rates, reduced production cycles matching plastic standards, and an impressive 90% reduction in energy consumption. Their versatile pulp can be customized for various applications, eliminating the need for water barriers, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability. 

Jim Topich, Senior Vice President of Kinetic Vision, remarked, “We are excited to partner with Celwise. The opportunities presented by this technology will revolutionize the use of plastic and cellulose fiber-based substrates in the packaging industry. It’s a game-changer for companies seeking sustainability. Keep a close eye on this expanding market!” The collaboration between Kinetic Vision and Celwise unites two industry leaders with a shared vision for a more sustainable future. Their combined expertise promises to address the global demand for eco-friendly packaging alternatives. 

About Kinetic Vision: Kinetic Vision is a premier product and technology development firm in the United States, servicing over 50 Fortune 500 companies. Our expertise spans several vertical markets, including medical, transportation, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, electronics, aviation, and more. Our clients leverage Kinetic Vision’s collaborative, multidisciplinary teams to solve tough challenges in all areas of the product life cycle. 

About Celwise: Celwise is a pioneer in cellulose fiber-based molding and manufacturing, setting the standard for sustainable packaging solutions. Their emphasis on efficiency and eco-friendliness is poised to revolutionize traditional manufacturing methods, offering a more sustainable and cost-efficient path forward. Celwise has partnered up with SACMI, for machine manufacturing. 

At Kinetic Vision, we are committed to creating a sustainable future. Our partnership with Celwise allows us to develop sustainable packaging with cellulose fiber-based molding technology to pave a greener future. If you are interested in exploring ways to integrate sustainable packaging into your solutions, we invite you to visit our contact page to learn more. 

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