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Kinetic Vision Announces Partnership With EVANNEX

EVANNEX Recognized as Leading Tesla Aftermarket Supplier

Published Saturday July 22, 2017

Evannex Tesla Model 3

As part of a marketing partnership with EVANNEX®, the leading aftermarket supplier for Tesla automobiles, we are excited to announce that our Virtual + Augmented Reality group recently updated our Augmented Reality Experience app to include a Tesla Model 3 virtual vehicle in addition to the Andretti® Global Rallycross Beetle. Visit the EVANNEX website to download the necessary target to unlock your own Model 3. You can also see a short video of the Kinetic Vision AR Experience app in action here and can download it here.

“We’re proud to enter into this partnership with EVANNEX. As the premier aftermarket supplier for Tesla vehicles, EVANNEX is widely followed on their website and on social media, giving us a much wider audience to present the exciting work we’re doing in Virtual and Augmented Reality.  “
Rick Schweet