Watch Us on the Hit Design TV Series, America By Design

Published Monday February 28, 2022

The America By Design TV show featuring Kinetic Vision is available now for viewing on YouTube. The show, which aired on CBS on Saturday, reveals a number of brilliant design innovations across the USA, including a new bottle design by PepsiCo ® and Kinetic Vision’s work on building a digital and physical twin to test the product.


Working with PepsiCo designers and R&D teams, Kinetic Vision developed simulations of the bottle and the packaging line. “We created a digital twin for drop test purposes, and extended that to a physical twin to test how new design iterations would fare in a high-speed production line,” said Jim Topich, Senior Vice President of Kinetic Vision. “The team at PepsiCo is simply fantastic, and to be included in the America By Design segment on Mountain Dew® packaging is a true honor,” added Topich.

The America By Design show is in its second season and the race is on for the most innovative and compelling designs and design processes. In the PepsiCo design segment, executive producer Mike Chapman interviews Topich about Kinetic Vision and the initial prototyping process. “We were thrilled to show Mike how we could move from CAD to prototype almost instantly using the Stratasys J55 printer, and then use those prototypes in a packaging line environment,” said Topich. Chapman also interviewed Ryan Klenke, Team Manager of Kinetic Vision’s Modeling + Simulation group, as well as Matthew Boehm, Team Lead in the company’s Design + Product Development group. “The 2-Liter Mountain Dew project is a great example of how Kinetic Vision can bring multiple disciplines together to solve complex challenges,” said Topich.

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