NVIDIA Highlights AI Vision in Developer Blog

Published Thursday July 29, 2021


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Kinetic Vision was recently recognized in an NVIDIA blog post as an industry leader in the use of Digital Twins to develop and optimize AI systems. The article, by Amanda Saunders, shows visuals and references work from the co-authored presentation between NVIDIA and Kinetic Vision, titled Novel Approach to Deploy Highly Accurate AI Retail Computer Vision Applications at the Edge."  

Utilizing AI Vision, our synthetic data generator, along with powerful NVIDIA tools like DeepStream SDK and Transfer Learning Toolkit (TLT), we are able to turn retail data into retail intelligence - providing analytics to improve packaging detection and analysis, and driving optimal product flow within warehouses. 

NVIDIA Blogger Amanda Saunders shares this in the post: “With a Synthetic Data Generator, Kinetic Vision not only produces data volume, but also with the required variances to ensure the model will perform in any environment. Numerous angles, lighting, backgrounds, and product types can be generated quickly and easily using different methods including GANs, simulated sensor data (LIDAR, RADAR, IMU), photorealistic 3D environment, synthetic x-rays, and physics simulations. The synthetic data is then used to train a model that can be tested in a digital twin, a virtual representation of the warehouse, supply line, store, or whatever environment the model will be deployed.”

We are honored to receive this recognition and further our roles as an NVIDIA Service Delivery Partner and Independent Software Vendor.

To learn more about the NVIDIA-Kinetic Vision solutions, visit the NVIDIA Developer Home, or click here for the specific NVIDIA Blog Information. 

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