NVIDIA and Kinetic Vision team up to provide AI solutions

Published Friday March 3, 2023

At Kinetic Vision, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with NVIDIA as an Elite Partner in their AI solutions program. We take immense pride in this achievement, as it allows us to deliver unparalleled solutions to our clients.

Our collaboration with NVIDIA empowers us to utilize their cutting-edge technology to create AI-powered manufacturing and logistics solutions. In a recent video released by NVIDIA, Kinetic Vision was featured as a key technology development partner for supply chain and logistics solutions. Featured in the video are object detection algorithms developed using AiVision, Kinetic Vision’s patented technology for drastically shortening the AI optimization process using virtual environments. 

This is just one example of the type of groundbreaking work we are able to achieve through our partnership with NVIDIA.

As an Elite Partner, we have access to NVIDIA’s latest technology and resources, which allows us to stay at the forefront of the industry and provide our clients with the best possible solutions. We are extremely proud to be recognized as a leading NVIDIA AI Consulting Partner for Industrial, Retail, and Smart Cities. We look forward to leveraging our partnership with NVIDIA to accelerate innovative solutions that drive our clients’ success.

At Kinetic Vision, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology. Our partnership with NVIDIA has enabled us to utilize AI and machine learning in ways that were previously impossible. If you would like to learn more about accelerating your AI journey using the latest NVIDIA and Kinetic Vision technologies, please contact us

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