PepsiCo, Dematic, NVIDIA, and Kinetic Vision Speak on AI-Enabled Distribution

Published Thursday November 4, 2021


Notice of NVIDIA GTC Panel Discussion

Stressed and faltering supply chains have dominated global headlines. Business leaders are digging deep for ways to fix new and unexpected issues that are causing outages - and lost revenue. 

In a unique assembly of world-leading experts, NVIDIA is hosting a panel at their upcoming GPU Technology Conference (GTC) to discuss how businesses and retailers can harness the power of AI to solve their toughest challenges. Senior leaders from PepsiCo, Dematic, NVIDIA, and Kinetic Vision will be the panel participants. GTC is virtual, free, and a must-attend event for business leaders, technologists, and R&D personnel. Register at The panel takes place November 9th at 2:00 pm EST and the session ID is A31600.

Joining the panel from Kinetic Vision is Rick Schweet, President and CEO of the Cincinnati-based technology company. PepsiCo is being represented by James Yuan, Sr. Director of Data Science & Analytics, who leads a multidisciplinary team responsible for applying statistics, first-principle modeling and AI/ML to the business. Lorne Weeter, Dematic’s SVP of Customer Service, focuses on intralogistics innovation, and designing, building, and supporting intelligent, automated solutions for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution environments. The panel also has Azita Martin, VP and GM of Artificial Intelligence for Retail & CPG for NVIDIA. Azita manages  the ecosystem of software, system integrators, and hardware partners to enable end-users to build disruptive AI applications faster and more cost effectively.

The panel will discuss how businesses, including retailers, see Artificial Intelligence as the major enabler for smart logistics and intelligent distribution centers. The sheer volume of data generated in intralogistics is a key reason why industry leaders are increasing their adoption of computer vision and machine learning. From camera detection systems that scan hundreds of thousands of SKUs each day, to conveyor systems that adjust the flowline automatically, to automated robotic forklifts, AI is an essential tool that has been proven to significantly improve distribution throughput. 

To ensure supply chain challenges are minimized, algorithms are built to provide real-time recommendations based on the analysis of data and images generated by cameras and other inputs. This opens a wide range of possible applications, such as new retrieval systems for order picking, and the avoidance of incorrect picking by using intelligent video analytics. The amount of data in this process, and the additional data from the sub-system supply chains of component suppliers, can be challenging. However, with the growing trend of warehouses being stocked with heterogeneous goods, the more structured data that is available from each of the operating processes, the greater the potential gain from AI-assisted decision making.

“It’s an honor to be participating with my distinguished co-panelists,” said Schweet, adding, whether your focus is managerial, financial or technical, I’m confident the audience will gain useful insights on how AI can revolutionize warehouse and distribution center processes.”

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