Smarthelp: your AI-powered personal assistant

Published Wednesday January 17, 2024

The Internet created a paradigm shift in communication and collaboration, and Cloud storage of data and information made it accessible anywhere, but finding and accessing the information you need isn’t always easy. In fact, IDC’s Information Worker Survey showed that 20-30% of employees’ time is wasted searching for information. That’s 600 hrs per year per employee!

Imagine increasing the productivity or profitability of your organization by 25% quickly and easily.

Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence and your company’s internal data, processes, and information, there’s now an easy way to immediately get the information you or anyone else in your company needs… simply by asking. It’s called Smarthelpsm.

Smarthelp is an intelligent system that is specifically designed and trained to provide secure access to proprietary information throughout your company. Powered by AI, Smarthelp speaks and understands every major language, can be accessed via voice and/or text, and is available on desktop and mobile devices. It can even be deployed in kiosks designed specifically for industrial and warehouse settings. All of your confidential and proprietary information remains on your current secure network or cloud provider.

This is not ChatGPT. The Smarthelp knowledge base is created from information you want it to know, whether it’s public, private, or a combination of both. It’s able to intelligently scrape websites, read and understand online documents, connect to public Large Language Models or custom LLMs we train for your specific needs, and a host of other data resources. Our data specialists will work with your staff and key stakeholders to find and organize your information, and design the system that best meets your needs.

The critical information that’s most valuable to your company is now always easily accessible, accurate, and secure.

With the economy getting tighter and businesses leaner, Smarthelp provides the path to reclaim 20-30% of lost profits by optimizing efficiencies in every business process. Additionally, as your Smarthelp knowledge base grows, your system’s capabilities also grow, enabling better decisions by your employees, management and executives. Best of all, the user interface can be whatever works best for your application, whether that’s text-based, speech and text, or a digital human.

What are the possible applications?

  • Optimization of manufacturing systems and processes
  • Improve efficiency of warehouse, distribution and logistics operations 
  • Intelligent search of standards and guidelines, such as FDA, CDC, OSHA, company-specific, etc.
  • Reduction of equipment and machinery downtime
  • Enabling easy employee access to company policies and standards
  • Easier customer access of product or company information
  • Streamline communication within a multilingual workforce or customer base
  • Lobby virtual receptionist
  • Subject matter expert that’s scalable and always available
  • Institutional and large facility work information kiosks

How do I learn more and see a live demo?

Just like Generative AI has reshaped how textual, visual and audible content is created, Informative AI will transform how data and information is accessed. If you think Smarthelp can help your business, or just want to learn more, please reach out to us at [email protected], and one of our experts will quickly contact you to understand and discuss your specific needs.

Smarthelp is a trademark of SAEC/Kinetic Vision, Inc.

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