Get A Design Advantage With Our New Stratasys J55-Powered 3D Prints

Published Wednesday April 29, 2020

Stratasys J55 Print - Fruit

The new Stratasys® J55 3D Printer features revolutionary technology that speeds printing and seamlessly integrates multiple Pantone® color-accurate materials (plus transparent) within a single print. Kinetic Vision was selected as an early beta partner to put the machine through its paces. “We’ve been working with the new 3D printer for over a month and our team has simply been blown away with what it can produce” said Tony Guard, Director of Kinetic Vision’s Innovation + Industrial Design group.

During the virtual launch event held Wednesday, participants were able to get an inside look at the new technologies and capabilities of the machine. Participants also heard from Tony Guard and other leading Design experts about how the machine is a game changer for industrial designers.

“Having the new Stratasys J55 printer in our arsenal gives our clients the advantage of faster, higher quality prints at an incredibly reasonable cost,” said Guard, adding “This new machine supercharges the link from our designer's imagination to a near-production level product they can hold in their hands.”

View the J55 Launch Video.

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