The Industrial Metaverse is COMING!

Published Friday June 17, 2022

Kinetic Vision will join teams of technologists from other major global companies to share information and showcase leading edge tech at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition show in New Orleans next week. 

“If you want to learn about AI, machine learning, or computer vision, this is the show to attend,” said Rick Schweet, founder of Cincinnati-based Kinetic Vision. “We’re excited to be showcasing our leadership in the Industrial Metaverse and how AI-powered digital twins can optimize products and processes in a collaborative and boundaryless environment,” he said.

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“The CVPR show is critical for companies who are tapping into The Industrial Metaverse and Kinetic Vision is excited to be on the forefront of these transformative technologies” 

 - Rick Schweet | Founder, Kinetic Vision

Digital tools exist today for many of these processes, but they are often fragmented into different organizations, in different facilities, and even different countries. The Industrial Metaverse will break down these barriers, as siloed processes will be integrated into virtual three-dimensional environments that enhance collaboration and democratize data. 

“Stakeholder communication will transform from 3D to 4D, as virtual, navigable environments will replace online meetings and data presented on flat screens. Products and systems will function virtually, allowing for rapid testing and optimization, resulting in significant time and cost savings, and greatly improved stakeholder collaboration,” said Schweet. 

The conference Expo takes place from Tuesday 6/21 to Thursday 6/23 in the Ernest Morial Convention Center in New Orleans  and is considered to be the largest gathering of computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence professionals from across the world. In 2019 over 9,000 attendees were exposed to more than 180 organizations which featured the newest AI and computer vision hardware and software systems. The event is hosted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Computer Vision Foundation (CVF). 

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