Unveiled: new Cincinnati facility built to tackle innovation challenges

Published Tuesday August 2, 2022

When we say we’re built to solve your toughest challenges, we mean it. This month, we’re moving into our new home, which combines all the resources of our current three-building campus into one state-of-the-art, 51,400 sf facility that is designed to foster innovation at unprecedented speeds. 

“From the moment you walk into the Innovation Center, you’ll sense that something powerful is going on. Our customers bring us complex problems in all phases of the product life cycle, and Kinetic Vision is unique in our ability to deploy collaborative, multidisciplinary development teams to tackle them. This facility will supercharge those synergies and enable us to rapidly develop both digital and physical solutions utilizing our industry-leading Digital Twin technology,” said Rick Schweet, Founder and Board Chairperson of Kinetic Vision.

Kinetic Vision Innovation Center

Built in collaboration with the Village of Evendale, the facility is part of the AeroHub Innovation District, a new industry/education partnership for Industry 4.0 workforce development in additive manufacturing, robotics, industrial scanning, and artificial intelligence. 

With ample space for both digital and physical development, Kinetic Vision's Innovation Center optimizes synergies between the company's eight areas of expertise: Industrial Design, Engineering, Simulation, Metrology, Artificial Intelligence, Software, Interactive, and Visualization. In addition, the facility will also bring new upgrades to the company’s rapid prototyping capabilities, which include CNC machining, injection molding, laser cutting, advanced 3D printing, vacuum forming, blow molding, in-house PCB production, and more. 

“We’ve invested in the tools and technologies to give our clients an edge over their competition. But what really sets us apart is our people, and this facility empowers them to do their best work,” said Jeremy Jarrett, President of Kinetic Vision. 

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