Use Digital Twins To Virtually Test Products

Published Wednesday April 15, 2020


Many of our clients have closed their physical testing labs due to COVID-19 social distancing mandates, but still need to keep development schedules on track. With these closures we've seen a corresponding rapid increase in the number of clients requesting virtual testing services. In the past 30 days our Modeling + Simulation team has already helped 15 companies, including three in the Fortune 100, with virtual testing of new products under development. This powerful technology utilizes a validated Digital Twin to perform a wide spectrum of product evaluations, including:

  • Medical device failure analysis
  • eCommerce survivability screening
  • Bottle deformations during production investigation
  • Aerospace component survivability
  • Hygiene product machine equipment optimization
  • Bottle sealing analysis
  • Transportation safety component impact survivability
  • Heat exchanger flow study
  • Industrial oven flow evaluation
  • Production line material handling dynamics
  • Medical device actuation
  • Product dynamics within an automated production line
  • Hopper transfer simulation
  • Dynamic axial testing

In addition to assessing product performance, Digital Twins can also include virtual environments, which can be used to optimize complex systems, ensure safety compliance, perform training, and conduct market and consumer research. These environments, which can include digital avatars driven from real-time human motion capture, are being used to simulate manufacturing lines, medical facilities, warehouse distribution centers, robotic systems, industrial processes, retail stores, and many other processes. This powerful method not only dramatically lowers development costs and speeds time-to-market, it also empowers other stakeholders, such as management and safety, quality and training teams, to collaboratively interact far upstream in the development process.

As a national leader in virtual testing, Kinetic Vision is equipped with the latest technologies to assess product performance and tune simulation models to match real-world behavior. Our work with the world's leading companies and brands in multiple industry verticals gives us the experience and software libraries to perform virtual testing on most any product or system.

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