3D Laser Scanning Services

Kinetic vision’s 3D laser scanning services include large-format devices that utilize a blue wavelength capture system for fast and accurate object measurement. They not only provide the micron-level granularity required for CAD optimization, but are also portable, which enables in-the-field scanning. Scan datea can be used for many applications, including 3D Metrology, Reverse Engineering Services, Visual Communication, and Modeling and Simulation models. Perfect for capturing exterior geometries, laser scanning can also be used to supplement data acquired from 3D CT Scanning.

Automobile Air Intake Panel

Kinetic Vision utilizes the FARO® laser system for large format components, and its portability makes it especially suited for in-the-field scanning. In this example, an air intake panel for a 1969 Ford Mustang was scanned and the resulting three-dimensional point cloud converted to CAD surface models for fabrication.

1969 Mustang components

Laser Topography Scanning and CMM Probing

Our 8-Axis laser scan system offers high-performance scan-to-CAD measurements. The unique feature of the system is its ability to capture large format scans with its full-motion, ergonomic arm. The combined Laser/CMM system features the following:

  • 3D comparisons to CAD
  • CT scan validation
  • Dimensional measurements
  • Non-Contact inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • CMM probing
FARO scanning in action

Remote Laser Scanning

When the job requires that the scanning be done onsite, Kinetic Vision’s metrology technicians and equipment will come to you. Our portable system is equipped with dual, hot-swappable batteries that allow for remote field applications or other situations where electric power isn't readily available.

FARO scanning of 911 Porsche