Intelligent embedded systems

Dedicated and Experienced Team

Kinetic Vision's ability to bring experienced, multidisciplinary teams to embedded development projects, along with our complete in-house prototyping capabilities, significantly reduces project time and cost when compared to multi-vendor approaches. Our team is able to tackle even the most challenging projects and find innovative solutions that produce results. Building intelligent embedded systems requires expertise in several areas, including PCB design, microcontroller and microprocessor programming, communication protocols, data-logging, triggered response mechanisms, and onboard, self-contained systems with ultra low power architecture and cutting edge battery management technology. We have experience integrating IMUs, environmental sensors, image sensors, audio processing, and many other sensors and tools to collect, analyze, process, and communicate information on standalone and IoT devices. Our experience, expertise, and multidisciplinary skills are the reason that over 50 of Fortune 500 companies come to Kinetic Vision for their smart product development.

Software Tools

We utilize multiple advanced software tools in our development processes. Embedded systems require intimate knowledge of product design and engineering, and we are fluent in all major systems: CAD tools like Altium, simulation tools such as Altair FEKO and Flux, PSPICE, LTSpice, and TINA-TI, and development tools such as IAR, Keil, ST CubeMX, TI Code Composer, VisualCode, and VisualStudio. 

Our embedded team can also support a wide variety of platforms: Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) from TI and Zephyr, Embedded Linux, and bare metal. Languages include Embedded C, Embedded C++, and Python.

We have deployed our work to many IoT platforms including, Helium, Hologram, and Losant with comprehensive knowledge of protocols ranging from cellular to WiFi, Bluetooth, and LoRa.

Intelligent Embedded Systems - Logos of various software companies
A few of the tools we use to create embedded systems


We are fluent in mainline development architectures including ARM and PIC from major vendors such as ST, Texas Instruments, Nordic Semiconductor, Analog Devices, and Maxim Integrated. Our Intelligent Embedded Systems can utilize protocols and standards for most major interfaces, including: I2C, SPI, UART, USART, CAN, USB, SWD, RS-232, RS-485, Modbus, SMBus, and many others. We not only build smart systems, we have the expertise and equipment to analyze build quality. Our Metrology + Inspection group has optical scanning, X-ray and Computed Tomography capabilities that can evaluate any microelectric system at a microscopic level.

When it comes to security, we build in state-of-the-art protocols starting with the initial design stage. Embedded and smart products inherently communicate information that may contain sensitive, if not critically confidential, or top secret information.  Importantly, our devices utilize state-of-the-art encryption systems such as 3DES, RSA asymmetric, Blowfish symmetric, and Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael). 

integrated circuit board with chipsets


Kinetic Vision has a fully dedicated prototyping facility, including PCB short-run manufacturing, injection molding, 4-Axis CNC machining, 3D printing, and electronics test and measurement equipment. We not only can design your embedded electronics, but also engineer the system into your product concept, complete with functioning prototypes. Our systems are also Designed for Manufacture (DFM) and built for scalability. We can produce small production runs, or assist implementation with your manufacturing or contract manufacturing teams. Our concept-to-production expertise is the reason over 50 of the Fortune 500 and 15 of the Fortune 100 companies come to Kinetic Vision for smart product development.

Kinetic Vision prototyping lab
Engineer soldering components

Precision Fixturing and Measurement

Our Embedded Development team can also assist with your complex measurement and test needs, with customized fixtures and systems for your specific application. Kinetic Vision's proprietary FixtureVision® smart-fixturing system includes:

  • Systems engineering to work in a variety of environments, including Industrial CT, environment chambers and field studies
  • Study and troubleshooting physical product performance
  • Ideal for validation of simulation and other virtual test methods
  • Easy to use web-interface for configuration from desktop or mobile devices
Fixture Vision Aparatus
Bottle Cap tested on Fixture Vision Aparatus

IoT Environment Monitoring 

Our experience in building interconnected monitoring systems is extensive, including environmental monitoring. Recent work for an air-sampling system includes the following features:

  • Build on IoT cloud platforms like Helium and enabling fleet management, OTA firmware updates, and instant access to AWS cloud data 
  • Utilizes COTS environmental sensors: small particulate, CO2, formaldehyde, temperature, and other variables 
  • Utilizes CEM Simulation to optimize placement of the LTE Antenna
  • Designed with attractive consumer facing displays
Environmental Sensor

Miniaturized Sensor Systems

One of our latest projects is a ground-up design for a data-logging miniature sensor system. These innovative intelligent embedded systems include:

  • STM32L4 Sensor Logger plug-n-play sensor architecture. The sensor tracks 6DOF motion, pressure, temperature, load, and time of flight. It is configurable to support any digital or analog sensor
  • Onboard data storage and ability to stream data to the cloud via BLE
  • Small form factor allows platform integration into many devices and many use cases
  • Low power design allows for embedded data logging for weeks or months
  • Ability to run ML models using TensorFlow Lite for edge classification
  • Configuration, data retrieval, and recharging via USB
Multiple microelectronic components
small microelectronic sensor




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