Test fixture design

Kinetic Vision has extensive experience in test fixture design development for testing, metrology, tooling, and assembly. With in-house machine tools and equipment, fixtures can be fabricated and assembled quickly to accelerate project timelines. When the requirements extend beyond simple work holding, mechatronics and remote control can be added to facilitate more complex needs. We integrate automation and programmed motion control to facilitate high levels of test repeatability, and have experience designing for use in non-traditional environments including high speed, dynamic, Industrial CT Scanning Systems and environmental chambers. Fixtures can be designed for the customer's test facility or for use in Kinetic Vision's Material and Component Test Lab.

Plastic Part Compression Test Fixture

In this example a custom fixture was developed that allowed for compression testing of plastic injection molded part samples. The test stand was designed to meet defined force requirements for industry-specific test standards.

Another unique feature of the test fixture design were the material and equipment choices. The fixture needed to be leveraged for both bench-top use and remote operation during 4D CT Scanning. In addition to functionality and strength requirements, this application necessitated that some fixture materials be transparent to x-ray transmission. Kinetic Vision's multidisciplinary development team was able to meet all of the design goals and deliverables for this challenging project.

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Test Fixture Design and Development
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