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Kinetic Vision 4D Imaging+ Enables Time Based 3D CT Scanning

Proprietary Fixtures and Custom Software Enable Time-Based CT Imaging

Published Friday August 4, 2017

time based 3D CT scanning

Kinetic Vision is excited to introduce a significant advancement to our capabilities in product and component testing, troubleshooting, and quality analysis. Traditional Industrial CT Scanning using is capable of extremely accurate dimensional and static fit/clearance studies, but falls short when quality or performance issues are due to the motion of gears or mechanisms, movement of fluids, dispersion of particles, or other microscopic time-varying events. Those challenges need Kinetic Vision’s 4D Imaging+, a proprietary combination of remote-controlled fixtures and custom software that activate your product or component during time based 3D CT scanning. The result: a better understanding of the dimensionality and physics affecting your product’s quality and performance. Learn more about Imaging + Analysis.

“We are excited to offer this advanced troubleshooting and quality assurance technology to our customers. The world is full of mechanisms, gears, filters, pumps, spraying devices, valve systems, caps and other devices whose performance is time-dependent. Many of these systems have small or microscopic features and components that cannot be visualized while functioning, making the troubleshooting of quality, performance or manufacturing issues nearly impossible to detect. Kinetic Vision’s 4D Imaging+ makes the impossible, possible.”


Jim Topich
Vice President of Engineering