What is Technical Visualization?

Published Friday March 15, 2024

Technical Visualization is the creation of images, animations, and other visual content that is used to explain the functions and benefits of products, systems, and processes. It is often created for multiple uses, including:

  • streamlined internal development communication and review
  • accelerated consumer and end-user digital market research
  • unified print, video, web, interactive, and AR/VR marketing media
  • more effective product/system training and safety documentation

Because technical visualization is often utilized to explain or train the viewer on product or system functionality, it must accurately depict that functionality. That means the artist or animator has to understand every aspect of what is being presented, and for complex subjects like medical procedures, that can be difficult or even impossible. In addition, often the geometric information is transferred via large CAD assemblies that most visual content creation companies aren’t equipped to handle.

Regardless of the subject, great technical visualization content has two essential components: Beauty and Accuracy.

At Kinetic Vision we have scientists and engineers with knowledge of many types of products and systems, and in-house expertise with most CAD platforms. This technical foundation, combined with the skills of our creative artists, results in content that is engaging, accurate, and useful for many purposes. The result is better internal communication and product understanding – and that shortens development time, improves user training, and powers sales.

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